Not About the Money
Bank 13
Mission 8
Map Torn
Location One Federal Bank of Feldis
Time / Weather Day / Rain
Main objective Defeat Cortex
Previous mission The Stench of Signals
Next mission Jailed
I have a feeling it wasn't only about the money.
―The Headmaster

Not About the Money is the eighth mission of Torn. In this mission, the player must stop a bank robbery and defeat Cortex, the second boss.


The Headmaster informs X27 that the First Sons are robbing the One Federal Bank of Feldis. The player heads there and inside the bank, defeats a bunch of First Sons. X27 realizes that whatever the First Sons are after is inside the vault, and the player must use their Pistol to shoot the weak points of the vault until it busts open (there is a health meter for the vault, so when the health runs out, the vault will open). Inside the vault is Cortex, who is angry that X27 messed up the heist. The player must defeat Cortex, in what is the second boss battle of Torn. Once Cortex is defeated, the player must exit the bank, and the mission ends.


  • Get to the Federal Bank
  • Bust the Vault open by shooting the buttons with your Pistol
  • Enter the Vault after defeating Cortex
  • Exit the bank



  • At the beginning of this mission, the player will unlock the X.I.A. Wand 420.
  • This mission is the only time the player can enter the bank.
  • Inside the bank, there are paintings of Mr. Sharx, which is an Easter Egg.
  • This mission contains the second boss battle of Torn, as mentioned.
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