Prison 6
Mission 9
Map Torn
Location Deanna Penitentiary
Time / Weather Night / Thunder
Main objective Obtain the Collider
Previous mission Not About the Money
Next mission How Original
We have reason to believe that the Auraxideno Collider is able to feed power to the Finite Stone, and that's why the First Sons went after it. It's in the Deanna Penitentiary, head there now and get it.
―The Headmaster to X27

Jailed is the ninth mission of Torn. In this mission, the player must infiltrate the Deanna Penitentiary and obtain the Auraxideno Collider, a device in possession of the First Sons.


The Headmaster informs X27 that during the bank heist, the First Sons stole $100 million and a secret device called the Auraxideno Collider, which was being held in the bank vault. It is believed that the Collider contains Auraxideno, which is the same chemical that powers the Finite Stones; thus, the Collider can power the Finite Stones. It's a deadly weapon that needs to be retrieved, and the First Sons are keeping it hidden deep inside the Deanna Penitentiary. So, the player must head there.

Once inside, the prison has been overtaken by First Sons. They have all escaped their prison cells, and are running amok. When the player reaches the main cell block, they must first activate the two Control Room Access switches, which will unlock the Control Room. They must then find the three Elevator Switches, which can be found inside chests underneath cell beds, and place the switches on the control panels in the Control Room. Once that's done, the elevator will unlock to access the Lower Cell Block.

The player must navigate through the rest of the prison, room by room, until they eventually reach the Torture Chamber, where the First Sons are keeping the Auraxideno Collider. The First Sons unleash the beast, the Devourer, which the player must defeat. Once the Devourer is defeated, the player must find the Auraxideno Collider inside the room, and then escape the prison with it via the ventilation system. Once the player brings the Collider to the Examine Room in The Hub, the mission ends.


  • Head to the Penitentiary
  • Defeat the Devourer
  • Escape the Penitentiary
  • Bring the Collider to the Examine Room in The Hub



  • This mission introduces the player to Vents.
  • The name of the prison mug shot camera is "ZIKON-3690". "Zikon" may be a parody of Nikon.
  • This mission is the only time that the player can enter the prison.
  • Chris6d has revealed that Jailed and Facing Our Destiny are his favorite missions.
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