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Minecraft Map
Created by Chris6d
Released October 12, 2018
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Type Puzzle map
Released for Minecraft
Version 1.12
Requires Chris6dizzle Resource Pack
Plays 4,600+
Navigate your way through challenging yet fun puzzles, combat, and more in the modern puzzle map of 2018: Chris6dizzle!
―Official map description

Chris6dizzle is a Minecraft map created by Chris6d. It was released on October 12, 2018, and requires Minecraft 1.12 to run. The trailer may be viewed here.


The map may be downloaded here. The map can also be found on Minecraft Forums and PlanetMinecraft, by searching Chris6dizzle. The map requires the Chris6dizzle Resource Pack to run, which can also be found on the map's forum page.


Work on Chris6dizzle began in early 2016, and by late 2016, a few levels were built. However, the map was barely worked on in 2017, and in 2018, Chris6d continued to build the map. The map was completed on October 10, 2018, and published two days later.


Your mission is simple: to navigate through the puzzles, combat tasks, parkour, mazes and more. Your story? Who knows? It is a Minecraft map, after all. You're simply epic, and you have one task: to complete the puzzle. Are you up to the challenge?
―Description on the forums
Chris6dizzle is a Prismarine-themed puzzle map that contains many aspects of a typical Minecraft puzzle map: parkour, combat, mazes, and other puzzles. The player must navigate through the map (which is later revealed to be the sewer system of an unnamed city). The player eventually reaches the outside world, which is actually the final stage of the map, in which they must fix a traffic light. The map also contains two Bonus Challenges that, if the player decides to complete them, provide extra Power Cores, the map's collectible score.


The map contains ten (10) levels, or stages, that the player must complete in order to complete the map. An asterisk * denotes that an optional Bonus Challenge follows that level:

  1. Find the Lever
  2. The Smallest Parkour Course
  3. Invisible Maze *
  4. Lava Parkour
  5. Combat Challenge
  6. Dizzying Dropper
  7. Two Endings *
  8. Blind Lava
  9. Slime Blocks: Your Friend or Enemy?
  10. Traffic Lights Fixer


The map also contains five achievements, which are naturally unlocked as the player advances through the map. They are:

  1. I Can Do This
  2. Hardcore Parkour
  3. Out of the Way
  4. Public Service
  5. Damn Saan


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