Mission 3
Map Torn
Location Cross-Theater Park
Time / Weather Night / Clear
Main objective Defeat the First Sons
Previous mission Puzzle Pieces
Next mission Gaining Fame
First Sons detected near you. Take 'em out, and then head back to your apartment.
―The Headmaster

Ambushed is the third mission of Torn. In this mission, the player learns some new information about the Finite Stones, and must defeat some First Sons in a park.


Inside Cross-Theater Park, The Headmaster calls X27 and introduces the player to Landmark Books. After that, he tells X27 that there are two Finite Stones, and the First Sons are trying to gain possession of it. Their conversation is interrupted when First Sons infiltrate the park, and the player must defeat them. After that, they must head to their apartment, where the mission will end.


  • Defeat the enemies
  • Head to your apartment


  • Ambushed is the shortest mission, taking an average of three minutes to complete.
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